Together with Blackhearts & Sparrows, we have chosen the best wine of the season, ready to be shipped to you.

These are wines you might not expect – a mix of “esoteric” wine for those keen to try what is happening at smaller makers; a “premium” range of wine at the very top; and a pack of “classics” for people who want good wine at a good price.

A Wine Service brings you a selection of handpicked wines which we enjoy drinking ourselves. Like The Monthly and The Saturday Paper, these wines offer new ideas and an absolute commitment to quality.

This month, we’re offering a one-off purchase in time for the holidays. The full subscription service will launch in February 2018 and run every month after that. Sign up to stay informed.

Choose the sort of wine you like to drink.

What You Will Receive

Hand-Packaged Box

Your wine will be carefully packaged by the Blackhearts & Sparrows team, in flat six-pack boxes.

Tasting Notes

We have included concise tasting notes for guidance and reference. 

Curated by Blackhearts & Sparrows

Blackhearts & Sparrows, a leading independent wine store, has chosen the best wines of the season for each pack.